05 Jul 2025, 12:00 pm
San Francisco,
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Online workout session with Honey.

Let me tell you my secret of staying in shape without spending too much money on diet program and weight loss supplement that never work.

My name is Wani and I've been teaching Konga for over 5 years. I started teaching Konga after I found out how easy it is for me to lose weight and keep fit with Konga dance program. I started working out 9-10 years ago and I did a lot of different type of workout. I love trying new things but I felt like somedays I don't have the motivation to go for class or go to the gym. Until I tried Konga . It was like love at first site. I instantly fall in love with Konga. I felt like I was on cloud 9. The routine was easy to follow but challenging. The structure of the program covers everything that I look for in an exercise.

What I love about this program is I don't have to force myself to go for workout. I waited the day of the class and I was looking forward to go the the next class.

I decided to share this program to everyone I know because I wanted you to feel the same way I do. Working out is not just about being healthy for your body but for your mental health also.

Join me in this journey and see your life change.