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I started Konga since last year during the 1st MCO. Konga is new to me during that time, but it caught my attention since is's a combo between dance & HIIT. Simple movement but loos lots of sweat. I tried multiple exercise but I love konga the most since it has different type of routine and great selection of music. Thus, it makes every session interesting. Love Farah


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My 1st konga experience is with you. I'm not familiar so much. I'm more to zumba. Your class made me fall in love with Konga bcz your steps and songs full of fun and very energetic, easy to follow. You very open minded and sporting coach. Your energy and smiles always make me wanna go more even though I can't...hahahha. The best konga experience ever. Energetic....Fun.... Colorful.....

Konga Lover - Aneem


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I started konga through BSK2.0 after yearssssss of hibernation. To my surprised I able to Konga at the very first time!!!! My body just move along with the music. Konga is easy Konga is super fun!! And thanks to you coach for always top notch every konga session. Love your personality love your vibes coach!!

Love Anisah



Your session is my happy pill coach 🤗 Such a stress reliever ❤️ always looking forward to join every Tuesday.

Heeda Eryna


Lakukan sedikit perubahan dalam diri,dari tidak suka bersenam, ianya menjadi rutin dan lakukan dengan konsisten. Akan ada hasilnya,salah satunya join kelas konga by wanihoney, best sangat dan berbaloi baloi, step pun senang nak ikut, coach yg friendly dan sporting🌹.

Norizan Mutalib

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